Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Suck At This

So besides making bank at work I have not completed any of my goals so far this summer.  The whole buying a mountain bike is still in the back in my mind but I think I am going to wait until I come back from Bermuda.  THATS RIGHT PEOPLE IM GOING TO BERMUDA, SURPRISE!!  I leave in two days and do not worry I will be blogging every day about it.  I will be there from June 2nd to June 16th and will be with Dr. Munson and Washington College.  I will be getting 4 credits for the course.  I do have a 20 page paper to write and some test I need to take but people I'll be in Bermuda.  Ill be posting lots of pictures.  

On another note I got my first save!  I was working in Lawrence township when my ambulance got dispatched for a cardiac arrest.  Upon arrival I initiated CPR and shocked the patient.  A few days ago I was glad to hear that my patient walked out of the hospital just fine.  

Speaking of work I will be heading in now for a nice long 12 hour shift.  I have some packing and organizing I need to do before I leave for my trip on Tuesday morning.  I cannot wait.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Possibly One goal down..... depending on a paycheck

I hate the gym.  I hate driving to a place where a bunch of sweaty people are running on treadmills and where big buff guys are screaming as they lift weights that I cant even lift in my own dreams.  A gym membership might just be a waste of money for me.

So instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a gym membership I've decided to invest in a mountain bike.  I love being outside and I think riding trails would be a blast.  There are so many bike trails here and at WAC for me to ride.  The place that I plan to purchase the bike at goes on rides every Saturday free of charge.  They said they would teach me how to change gears properly, how to take jumps, and ride up and down mountains.  420 bucks for a mountain bike seems reasonable and its under warranty for a year and because I purchased it from this place they service it every year for a discounted price.

If my paycheck is as big as I think it is Im so buying a mountain bike.  See you on the trails.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I ended up sleeping on my grandmas couch and then working 16 hours on monday after the dentist let me have it

Well my summer kicked off a lot differently than I thought.  Instead of meeting up with James and causing all sorts of trouble I woke up on my grandmother's couch.  Now I did sleep there by choice and I dont have some crazy story of what happened the night before but I decided it was time to pay my grandparents a visit.  Its not as dreadful as one would think because my uncle and grandfather both have boats which I've practically grown up on.  Instead of going out on my uncles and or grandfathers boat I took my boss out on the water.  I've grown up down there and know the bay well enough to catch fish.  We only caught three fish... well i caught three fish.  The other 4 guys didn't even get a bite.  They got sick of watching me catch fish so we ended the day.

Monday may go down as the worst day of this summer because I got to go to the dentist.  For those who may not know I would rather jump off a cliff then go to the dentist.  The picks, the suctioning tubes, and hands in my mouth is my biggest fear.  It takes them twice as long to clean my teeth than any normal person because they say i squirm and move.  I like to refer to it as protecting my mouth.

I got through the dentist and realized that I had a 16 hour shift in the wonderful city of Trenton.  The first 8 hours I worked with an individual one may call... odd.  I think he may be bipolar because one minute we were having great conversation, the next he was very cold towards me.  The weirdest thing about working with this guy was we pulled up to this weird deli on a not so great street.  He instructed me to "stay in the truck."  Ten minutes go by and he comes out with a brown bag.  I asked him what he bought and he told me that he was just talking to an old friend.  I left it at that.

The second half of my shift I worked with an awesome kid.  We went and go coffee and I legit slept for 5 hours and got paid overtime.  It was the slowest night I have ever worked and I was getting paid overtime to sleep and do nothing.

Its been almost a week and I still haven't even made a dent in my summer goals.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer Day Numero Uno

As of 2:39PM my summer has officially started for me.  My plan to end this week is to work two 12 hour shifts Thursday and Friday.  Ill probably sleep all day Friday and then Friday night Ill be in Cape May, New Jersey hopefully with my best friend James.  Our goal: Start the summer off right.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This summer I decided to try something a friend of mine has been doing for years.  I decided that i was going to make a list of goals and accomplish them before the next semester at WAC starts.  I wanted to be able to share the attempts that I make at the goals and updates.  Here are the goals i plan on reaching this summer:
  • Read 2 books- I only read for school and the books are boring.  I want to find two interesting books and read them before the summers end.
  • Join a Gym, Set a Workout Schedule (Get Buff)- I've put on a little weight this school year i need to loose a couple of pounds, get back in shape.
  • Buy A New Camera- Photography is my new hobby but I hate using other people's camera so I want my own now.
  • Buy An XBOX 360-My little brother has one and I always play his in the summer or when Im home visiting but I want one for my dorm room next semester.
  • Find A New 911 Job- Im an EMT now and the company I work for is loosing their 911 contract and will be doing strictly transport work.  I need a new job.
  • Convince My Mother I am Capable Of Enrolling In An Online Paramedic Course and Passing- I know I can do this just my mother thinks it will be too much.
  • Surf For An Entire Week- Last summer I barely got to go out surfing and it is one of my all time favorite thing to do.  I want 7 days of the beach, my board, and I.
  • Pass My Bermuda Class- I will be taking a 4 credit course in Bermuda from June 2nd to the 16th and all I want is my credits.
  • Buy A BlackBerry-They are mad cool and you can do so much with them.  I want one.
  • Go To As Many Phillies Games as possible- Someone has to support the best team in baseball.
All these goals are reachable as long as I work at it.  I need to get focused, get organized, and "just do it."