Friday, May 22, 2009

Possibly One goal down..... depending on a paycheck

I hate the gym.  I hate driving to a place where a bunch of sweaty people are running on treadmills and where big buff guys are screaming as they lift weights that I cant even lift in my own dreams.  A gym membership might just be a waste of money for me.

So instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a gym membership I've decided to invest in a mountain bike.  I love being outside and I think riding trails would be a blast.  There are so many bike trails here and at WAC for me to ride.  The place that I plan to purchase the bike at goes on rides every Saturday free of charge.  They said they would teach me how to change gears properly, how to take jumps, and ride up and down mountains.  420 bucks for a mountain bike seems reasonable and its under warranty for a year and because I purchased it from this place they service it every year for a discounted price.

If my paycheck is as big as I think it is Im so buying a mountain bike.  See you on the trails.


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