Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Suck At This

So besides making bank at work I have not completed any of my goals so far this summer.  The whole buying a mountain bike is still in the back in my mind but I think I am going to wait until I come back from Bermuda.  THATS RIGHT PEOPLE IM GOING TO BERMUDA, SURPRISE!!  I leave in two days and do not worry I will be blogging every day about it.  I will be there from June 2nd to June 16th and will be with Dr. Munson and Washington College.  I will be getting 4 credits for the course.  I do have a 20 page paper to write and some test I need to take but people I'll be in Bermuda.  Ill be posting lots of pictures.  

On another note I got my first save!  I was working in Lawrence township when my ambulance got dispatched for a cardiac arrest.  Upon arrival I initiated CPR and shocked the patient.  A few days ago I was glad to hear that my patient walked out of the hospital just fine.  

Speaking of work I will be heading in now for a nice long 12 hour shift.  I have some packing and organizing I need to do before I leave for my trip on Tuesday morning.  I cannot wait.


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