Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I arrived at Philadelphia International airport at 7:40am for my 10:15am flight to Bermuda.  I said goodbye to my family and got through security without any issues.  I found my terminal and spread my self out for a nice nap until my flight.  The next thing I know the US Airways representative was on the loudspeaker informing us our terminal had been changed down the concourse.  So I gathered all my bags and walked down to our new terminal, spread my self out for a nice nap again.  Not ten minutes later the representative was on the loudspeaker again informing us that our airplane was now a bigger one.  I closed my eyes again and started to dose off when that lovely representative was on the loudspeaker informing us that the new plane we got needed a part to be fixed but we would be boarding momentarily.  Ten minutes later our plane now needed a new part and it would be coming from Charolette, North Carolina and we would be departing at noon.  Noon finally came and we were now boarding the plane en route to St. Georges, Bermuda.  We landed around 3 in Bermuda and everyone got through security except for me.  I was the only one on the plane that had to open my bags and get searched.  After a minor delay we took a taxi to BIOS (Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences).  It was strange riding on the other side of the road but very cool.  We got situated with the rules at BIOS and got our room assignments.  I got a single room with my own bathroom and a queen size bed.  I put my bathing suit on and went right to the Concrete Beach which is a beach made out of concrete.  The water was crystal clear and our group of swam for an hour.  Its 5:30 now so I have 2 hours to walk around and take some pictures.  We have a lecture at 7:30 and after our lecture we will be hitting up St. Georges for a little night out in Bermuda. 

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