Thursday, June 4, 2009


Day Two may have been better than day one.  We had a lecture early and then strolled to the North Shore of Whalebone Bay.  The water was fairly shallow and inhabited with parrot fish, puffer fish, angel fish, peacock flounder, and so much more.  We only had an hour there because we needed to be back for lunch which was flank steak!  We get served great food here with huge helpings I’m loving it.  After lunch we took a 40 minute boat trip off the coast of Bermuda.  We were in between the reef and the island it self.  We were in about 15 to 20 feet of water but because the water was so clear you could see the bottom clear as day.  I saw so many more variety of fishes and sponges than that of Whalebone Bay.  The boat trip out was beautiful, there are so many neat cliffs and lovely houses.  Most houses are a bright blue, pink, green, and orange color.  We drove by Mayor Blumberg of New York summer residence.  It’s a gigantic yellow that sits on the top of a hill and looks over the ocean.  Both days have been clear and sunny so I am hoping it stays like this the rest of the trip.  Our captain of our boat said the past month has been sunny with very little clouds.  This is great for us but horrible for Bermuda who relies heavily on rain water as source of drinking water.  If you are building or own a house in Bermuda you are required to have a special roof that is designed to collect rain water.  Underneath the houses are filtration systems and holding tanks.  This water is their drinking and bathing water.  Underground wells are illegal in Bermuda because the septic is very poor and pollutes the soil.  Hope all is well back in the States or wherever you may but I bet it cant beat Bermuda.


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