Friday, June 5, 2009

I didnt mean to be late....Day 3

Day three was better than day two time a thousand, except for the whole me showing up for my lecture a little late.  I overslept.  I was up and actually went and got breakfast but then i came back up and just closed my eyes before we had to go to our lecture.  Anyway... after the lecture we took another boat trip out by the edge of the reef.  Instead of just anchoring up randomly we anchored up on a World War II US naval ship that sunk.  It was a concrete ship and it was infested with so many sponges and fishes.  I wish I had an underwater disposable camera to take pictures because it was a hell of an experience.  Because we got done snorkeling early the captain of the boat said he would take us in the long way around the island.  So we went all the way around the north side of the island passing by Whalebone Bay, Fort St. Catherines, and Tobacco Bay.  I took well over a hundred pictures it was beautiful.  After our boat trip we had the night to our selves.  After dinner we went to Passing Wind which is a bar/hangout place for the people who are living on the campus of the BIOS Station.  Last night I met the Captain of The Atlantic Explorer which is the big ship the BIOS Station uses to do deep sea diving and make long ocean trips to do research.  He was actually from upstate Massachusetts seven miles from the border of New York.  Also on this boat was an individual from Miami, Florida and Wisconsin.  The mates were from The Philippines and really funny.  They played me in darts and kicked my butt.  After that we took a cab to The Swizzle Inn which was a bar just outside of Hamilton.  We ordered a bunch of drinks and food and had a blast there with the locals.  Our cab ride back was so much fun because out cab driver was singing smooth jazz obnoxiously.  Bermuda is just like the United States, its filled with all kinds of characters.


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