Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where have I been?

So its been forever since i have blogged and im sorry about that but with the summer Ive been having its been really hard.

I finished my Bermuda studies and did fairly well on my exam.  The trip started to get a little old towards the end and i was ready to come home.  We snorkeled went into the capital of Bermuda which is Hamilton.  We got to catch up on some shopping and hit up the local pubs and had a blast.  Our last night in Bermuda we went all the way on the other side of the island to Dockyard which is probably a place we should've gone a couple times during our stay.   However by car it takes someone about an hour to get out there.  My flight back was a little bumpy and while we were traveling was during the time that plane went missing so I was really bugging out as our pilot changed his altitude.  I took lots of pictures which are on facebook.

Since I have been back Ive been working everyday.  I dont think I've had a day off since June 16th which is good and kinda bad at the same time.  Yes ill be getting overtime but i truly am burnt out and tired of this job.  But today is the day that I will finally start a nice long weekend.  I will be leaving work at 1 and going to the Kenny Chesney Concert with a few friends.  I cant way to go tailgate and hang out with my friends, we really have some good times when we get together.  Tomorrow I'll be going with fishing with one of my bosses from work.  Supposedly the fishing is really good and i cant wait to get back out on boat.  

The one highlight that i have this summer is i totaled my truck!  Thats right the explorer is no more.  I was driving into work and this little boy ran out infront of me and i swerved to miss him and crashed right into a light pole.  However the cool thing is ill be getting something else to replace it probably a newer truck with lower mileage.  I really want a pick up so that should hopefully work out.

As for my goals..........................yeah still nothing I did not realize how busy my summer was going to be.  I work close to 60 hours a week.  I have a 16 page paper to write, lines to memorize for the Glass Menagerie.  There is so much going. What did i get my self into?

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