Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This summer I decided to try something a friend of mine has been doing for years.  I decided that i was going to make a list of goals and accomplish them before the next semester at WAC starts.  I wanted to be able to share the attempts that I make at the goals and updates.  Here are the goals i plan on reaching this summer:
  • Read 2 books- I only read for school and the books are boring.  I want to find two interesting books and read them before the summers end.
  • Join a Gym, Set a Workout Schedule (Get Buff)- I've put on a little weight this school year i need to loose a couple of pounds, get back in shape.
  • Buy A New Camera- Photography is my new hobby but I hate using other people's camera so I want my own now.
  • Buy An XBOX 360-My little brother has one and I always play his in the summer or when Im home visiting but I want one for my dorm room next semester.
  • Find A New 911 Job- Im an EMT now and the company I work for is loosing their 911 contract and will be doing strictly transport work.  I need a new job.
  • Convince My Mother I am Capable Of Enrolling In An Online Paramedic Course and Passing- I know I can do this just my mother thinks it will be too much.
  • Surf For An Entire Week- Last summer I barely got to go out surfing and it is one of my all time favorite thing to do.  I want 7 days of the beach, my board, and I.
  • Pass My Bermuda Class- I will be taking a 4 credit course in Bermuda from June 2nd to the 16th and all I want is my credits.
  • Buy A BlackBerry-They are mad cool and you can do so much with them.  I want one.
  • Go To As Many Phillies Games as possible- Someone has to support the best team in baseball.
All these goals are reachable as long as I work at it.  I need to get focused, get organized, and "just do it."


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